June 2000

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Italian Woman's  Volleyball Championship
2000/2001 Series A1


September 2000

     A new volleyball season is about to start. Most of the players have arrived and have already been training for a few weeks.  There is tension in the air while everyone waits  for the uncertain arrival of 2 Cuban players who will hopefully reinforce Team Despar Sirio Perugia. For the team, their arrival signifies participation in the play-offs and a shot at the Championship Cup.  For some players, their arrival means sitting the bench...or worse...

October 2000

The Cubans aren't coming.

    "Chi c' c', chi non c' non c'" (Who's here is already here, who's not here,  s'not comin').   The Despar Perugia have to make good with the players they have and the girls, ready to prove themselves, start off strong winning the first two matches of the season.
   The team is stronger than was expected and the first round passes in a hurry between well played matches won (Despar 3 - Ravenna 0), and those, unexpectedly lost (Romanelli Firenze 3 - Despar 0).  The Despar are "alle spalle delle grandi" (Up there with the big guns) writes  Il Corriere dell'Umbria.
     After many long, hard training sessions and matches, between The Italian Cup, The CEV Cup and League games, The Despar take a short, well deserved break for Christmas and New Year's, to recharge for the second round of the Championship, The Final Four of the Italian Cup, and The Final Four of CEV Cup.  

January 2001

    Little after the beginning of 2 Round of the Championship, Team Despar are already in difficulty due to unexpected injuries and fatigue (characteristic of the second half of the volleyball season), that the few days of rest aren't able to relieve.  A very strong match against Team Modena (Despar 3 - Modena 0) limits the damage caused by  badly lost matches against  Team Napoli and Team Reggio Emilia, both teams who struggled in the 1 Round.
     After a brief pause in 5 position, Team Despar would rank 6 for the remainder of the Championship, behind a threatening Team Vicenza who always seemed  appear in the most decisive moments for The Despar Perugia.

Championship 1 Round
Team Vicenza is ranked higher than Team Despar by only 2 points
Vicenza 3 - Despar 0

CEV Cup semi-final
Vicenza 3 - Despar 0

Championship 2Round
Despar 3 - Vicenza 0

 CEV Cup 2001-2002 Qualification Semi-Final
Vicenza 3 - Despar 0

     And with that last match,  The Despar Sirio Perugia end another volleyball season. A year of many shining moments, and others not so bright.  We are not satisfied because there will always be a "What if..."  However, to give our all, to do our best, is what they ask of us and all we ask of ourselves.
     My regrets for what I didn't do last season, and my desire to do better in future Championships, are what drive me to keep on playing this ever-changing game. I Love this Game!!  
See you next season,

Janis Kelly